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Model Curriculum

Model Curriculum

CAD/CAM Operator (Footwear)

Cutter (Footwear)

Harness Maker

Skiving operator (Goods & Garments)

Stitcher (Goods & Garments)

Skiving Operator (Footwear)

Helper-Finishing (Footwear)

Helper-Dry Operations (Finished Leather)

Stitching Operator (Footwear)

Helper-Bottom Making (Footwear)

Post Tanning Machine Operator

Helper-Finishing (Goods and Garments)

Helper-Finishing Operations (Finished Leather)

Helper-Parts Making (Goods and Garments)

Helper-Upper Making (Footwear)

Helper-Wet Operations (Multiskilled)

Moulding Operator (Footwear - Non Leather)

Pre-Assembly Operator (Footwear)

Buffing Operator (Finished Leather)

Cutter (Goods and Garments)

Drum Operator (Finished Leather)

Lasting Operator (Footwear)

Shaving Operator (Finished Leather)

Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills

Saddle Maker

Pattern Cutter (Footwear)

Apprenticeship Curriculum

NAPS-Stitching Operator(footwear)

NAPS-Stitcher (Goods&Garments)

NAPS-Skiving Operator(footwear)

NAPS - Cutter(footwear)

NAPS-Lasting operator(footwear)

Quality Control Inspector (Footwear) - NAPS

Line Supervisor (Footwear) - NAPS

Quality Control Inspector (G&G) - NAPS

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