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Model Curriculum

Model Curriculum

Footwear Cutter (NAPS)

Lasting Operator (Footwear) -NAPS

Skiving Operator (Footwear) - NAPS

Stitcher (Goods & Garments) - NAPS

Stitching Operator (Footwear) - NAPS

Helper-Bottom Making (Footwear)

Post Tanning Machine Operator

Skiving Operator (Footwear)

Helper-Finishing (Goods and Garments)

Helper-Finishing Operations (Finished Leather)

Helper-Parts Making (Goods and Garments)

Helper-Upper Making (Footwear)

Helper-Wet Operations (Multiskilled)

Moulding Operator (Footwear - Non Leather)

Pre-Assembly Operator (Footwear)

Buffing Operator (Finished Leather)

Cutter (Footwear)

Cutter (Goods and Garments)

Drum Operator (Finished Leather)

Lasting Operator (Footwear)

Stitcher (Goods & Garments)

Stitching Operator (Footwear)

Shaving Operator (Finished Leather)

Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills

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