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LSSC partners Webcon for skilled workforce mobility from east to south

LSSC Webcon MoU

LSSC has signed an MoU with Webcon Consulting (India) Ltd, a state-owned company of West Bengal, to facilitate migration of candidates from eastern zone to southern part of India for employment. These candidates would be trained in Webcom leather Training centres under IFLADP program.

The leather industry has a huge demand for skilled workforce in the southern states of India, particularly Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Since the availability of candidates is saturated in this region, there is a need to encourage people to move from other states. As a result, we already see several migrants from Bihar, West Bengal and Odisha working in the leather industries of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.To equip the workforce with appropriate skills and provide migration support, LSSC has been partnering with various organizations.

As per the MoU, the role of Webcon has to identify potential districts where people have successfully migrated to the south and provide counselling. Webcon will train the candidates in specific skill sets relevant to the  industry in southern region and impart cultural training and Pre-Departure Orientation Training (PDOT).LSSC Webcon MoU

To implement the MoU, LSSC is expected to sensitize employers and HR managers in settling migrant workers by creating conducive work environment and help the workers with banking. Besides, LSSC will build industry connect and also undertake the demand aggregation exercise for identifying the job roles and clusters in which capacity building is required, and provide end-to-end monitoring and execution of the Program.

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