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LSSC holds QP-NOS sub-committee meeting to identify new Qualification Packs

The QP-NOS Sub-Committee Meeting of the Leather Sector Skill Council was held on 29th June 2017, at 11.00 a.m. at Hotel Le Royal Meridien, GST Road, Chennai-60032.

The meeting was chaired by Shri Habib Hussain, Chairman, LSSC and the list of attendees included Mr.Ramesh Kumar CEO, LSSC; Mr.Murali Director, CFTI; Dr.M. Aravendan, Associate Professor, NIFT; Dr. Swarna Kanth, Principal Scientist & Head – Chord, CLRI; Dr. P Saravanan, Principal Scientist, CLRI; Dr. Phebe Aaron, Principal Scientist, CLRI; Dr. P.S. Suresh Kumar, Principal Scientist, CLRI; Mr. Sharad Srivastava, Sr. Consultant, FDDI; Mr. Ezhil Arasu, HOD-FDDI; Ms. Geethpriya Iyer, Head HR-Tata International; Mr. Arijit Chakrabarti, Superintendent, GCELT, Kolkata; Mr. Udayaditya Pal, Faculty, GCELT, Kolkata; Mr. Sunil Gupta, Principal Director, PPDC Meerut; Shri Balan, General Manager, Florence Shoes; Mr. Arul, Vice-President, Operations; Lotus Footwear, Cheyyar SEZ, Mr. Rajesh AR, Consultant; Mr. Sridhar Babu, ILFS Skills; Mr. Thivakaran, ILFS Skill; Ms. Megha Drolia, LabourNet India



Welcome address by Shri Habib Hussain, Chairman, LSSC

Shri Habib Hussain, Chairman-LSSC, welcomed the academic and industry members participating in this meeting. He called for action with regard to the process of QP development and occupational mapping, and further reminded the stakeholders (including Training and Skilling) it is about time that our country demands all the parties to work as a team.



Address by Shri R. Ramesh Kumar, IAS, CEO-LSSC 

Shri R. Ramesh Kumar, IAS initiated the proceedings of the meeting and informed the members about the expansion plans of LSSC in other clusters like Kolkata, Agra and Jalandhar, and introduced new employees joining the team LSSC.

He emphasized the significance of leather sector and shared stats about East European countries and likes of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. While these countries are progressing, India is still touching the export markets of $ 5 to 6 billion which is only a 3% of the global trade of 180 billion US dollars.

QPs in Leather Sector
During the discussion about defining new QPs in LSSC, Shri R. Ramesh Kumar, IAS, updated the members that Cobblers in unorganized sector are in huge numbers. Armed Forces have a huge demand for Cobblers and Asst. Cobblers. Hence the QP had to be developed and it has been recognized and accepted in the Ministry also. Giving a summary of the work done by LSSC, the speakers mentioned that LSSC has developed 50 QPs in two phases, 22 job roles in phase 1 and 28 jobs roles in phase two respectively and QPs have been approved by NSDC, QRC and NSQC.

The meeting focussed on
Career Progression and QP development in different segments like Finished Leather, Footwear, Goods and Garments, Sports Goods and Accessories Proposal to offer B.Voc Program in Program in Leather Manufacturing & Process Operations Footwear, Goods, Garments and Designs



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