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The LSSC has been focusing on the Entry Level Training in the states of Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Bihar and  Andhra Pradesh

TamilNadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDM)

  • LSSC has successfully done Placement Linked Skill Training Program under TNSDC for skill training 2000 candidates for the Footwear Industry for the following trades of Leather.
SI.NO Job Role for which training will be conducted Duration in weeks (Working Days) Number of Candidates
1. Stitchers 4 (26) 1250
2. Cutters 3 (18) 250
3. Pasting, Attachers and Folders 2 (12) 250
4. Skiver, Splitter and Table Helper 2 (12) 250


  • LSSC has also done Placement Linked Skill Training Program under Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC) for training 600 candidates for Leather Weaving and Leather Tanning Segment for the following Job roles and candidates were successfully placed in various leather companies.


S.NO Job roles No of Candidates
1. Weavers 150
2. Weaver Helpers 150
3. Drum Operator 200
4. Finishing Operator 100
Total 600


  • LSSC is currently imparting placement linked skill training program for 1000 candidates for various job roles under Footwear, Goods and Garments segments of Leather Industry.
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