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In a short span of 4 years LSSC has had a significant impact on facilitating an ecosystem for training in leather industry. Our skill development programs under PMKVY and TNDSM have improved the livelihoods of thousands in different districts, particularly, empowering women through training and employment.

LSSC had made a significant impact with several initiatives in skill development and livelihood enablement in a predominantly unorganized industry:

  • Supporting training partners with Qualification Packs (QPs) that are industry relevant and compliant with NSQF. So far, LSSC has created 50 QPs for various job roles in the leather industry
  • Building a connect between the demand and supply for skilled force through affiliations with all the stakeholders in the skilling ecosystem
  • Continuous research and development to understand the requirements of the industry to create and update National Occupation Standards (NOS) to keep abreast with developments in science and technology
  • Facilitating industry engagement, especially, the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through different programs that help them appreciate the value of hiring trained workforce

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Leather Sector Skill Council Annex Building, CFTI Campus, No.65/1, GST Road, Guindy, Chennai - 600032.

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Leather Sector Skill Council Annex Building, CFTI Campus, No. 65/1, GST Road, Guindy, Chennai - 600032. Tamil Nadu
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