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Important information on Posters PMKVY 2.0

It has been decided by MSDE that the following informational posters need to be put up by Training Partners at their Training Centers for each job role under PMKVY 2.0:

Poster 1 – Placement Poster

Poster 2 – Equipment List

Poster 3 – Job Role Overview

Poster 4 – Occupation Map

Training Partners are requested to go through the instructions carefully and get the posters printed as per the below specifications and put them up in classrooms/labs at your Training Centers. Specifications for Posters

Position: On Walls in the Classroom (Two Posters each – One in English and the other in Hindi)

Size: 17inx22in

Material: Digital Printing on Imported Art Paper (300 GSM)

Stitching Operator Footwear - Posters

Cutter Footwear - Posters

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