LSSC as a National Monitoring Unit (NMU) for IFLADP Primary Skill Development

LSSC has been appointed as an National Monitoring Unit (NMU) for HRD Sub-scheme of Indian Footwear, Leather and Accessories Development Programme (ILFADP) for 2018 – 2020. As an NMU, LSSC will establish foolproof monitoring mechanism for the entire training cycle for 2 years through SMART and SDMS portals. IFLADP focuses on Human Resource Development (HRD) for Placement-linked Skill Development. The Primary skill development training and monitoring process includes 4 levels of monitoring. This includes, center level monitoring, batch level monitoring, assessment monitoring and placement monitoring. As per the report for FY-2018-2019, 83,726 candidates were trained and 52,787 candidates were placed in various job roles. This resulted in 63% placement covering 16 states.




























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