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3 ways to make RPL and RPL Type-4 a success in leather industry

Author: Abhijit Das, Mirams Training Services (I) Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and RPL Type- 4 for Best in Class Employers (BICE) are two important schemes from the government in extending formal recognition and certification of existing skills and knowledge. In the leather sector, we have been implementing these schemes systematically with support from the industry. However, to scale our impact by certifying more workers in different job roles , we will need many more employers to participate in this scheme. Here are 5 essentials for successful implementation of RPL and RPL Type-4.

  1. Systematic utilization of infrastructure to enable practical assessments of the workers without hampering the normal production processes on the shop floor. This implies allocation of production space for practical activities that form a part of the requirements for RPL 4 certification.
  2. Readiness to recognize the certified workers with increase in wages and salaries and other forms of appreciation that keep them engaged with the company. This may include an annual increment which is linked with certification or a promotion and enhancement of responsibilities
  3. Maintenance of proper records of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers to map their skills and channelize them towards RPL certification. Since most employees would have started as unskilled workers, it would be imperative to record their skill gaps and map them with NSQF levels.

LSSC has been using different communication and engagement strategies to collaborate with the industry for RPL and RPL Type- 4 implementation. We sensitize the employers about how certification leads to increase in motivation levels of the employees. We also make a comprehensive presentation to the industry with regard to benefits by briefing the HR managers and the management team. We also present case studies of companies where certification has already been done along with candidates testimonials. We also take help from local organizations in creating awareness among the small enterprises in different leather clusters about the need for certification and its benefits, both for the employers and the employees.

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