Message from Shri. Habib Hussain, Chairman Leather Sector Skill Council (LSSC)

chairman-habib-hussainSkill development and entrepreneurship initiatives supported by the Government of India are all set for a makeover, with renewed focus on quality and employability. Apparently, the government is moving away from target based skilling programs since there is an overarching concern that trained   people are not getting jobs. In other words, on job creation front, we haven’t performed well!

Leather industry has huge scope for employment since global markets have recognized India as one of the key destinations to source their products. However, to address the market needs, we should have a strong base of relevantly skilled professionals in various job roles. I would emphasize on the qualitative aspects of training that prepare the workforce with right exposure to latest technologies. Equip them with information about current markets and international standards. This brings in the need for a comprehensive plan for capacity building rather than merely focusing on training initiatives in isolation. To know more, you can reach out to the LSSC team for a discussion.

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